What I really hate is putting something in the SPAM folder, then flagging it as SPAM after unsubscribing to the mail. (That I never subscribed to in the first place?)

And….Guess What? I still get messages in my inbox from the same, BASTARDS!

On the positive, I have coffee to drink. . . . Even though I can’t afford UNDER ARMOR gear or accessories….thank you for letting me know every day that I have a free gift waiting for me if I make an order over $60.00…and I get free shipping + returns. That’s pretty cool if the product sucks, that means it gets a free round trip travel package right back to the shitty fucking (sorry for the use of inappropriate language) place that it came from. 🙂 😉 Thank you for your SPAM, UNDER ARMOR. (I must be on your official SPAM list that can’t be broken, ever!)

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